AAAU Signs MoU with NSIB on Facility Sharing.

The African Aviation and Aerospace University (AAAU) in Abuja has officially entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB) to facilitate facility sharing.

Since its inception, AAAU has been graciously accommodated within NSIB’s facilities. Today’s MoU signing signifies the culmination of a long-anticipated agreement aimed at optimizing resources for mutual benefit.

The ceremony, led by Capt. Alex Badeh Junior, Director General/CEO of NSIB, commenced with a national prayer, followed by introductions of key stakeholders from both institutions.
Capt. Badeh expressed gratitude for the opportunity to lead NSIB and welcomed attendees to witness the historic execution of the MoU.

He emphasied that the primary objective of the MoU is to facilitate Facility Sharing and Capacity Building, aligning with NSIB’s statutory responsibilities outlined in the Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (Establishment) Act 2022.

Recognizing the essential role of infrastructure in achieving AAAU’s goals, NSIB has agreed to share its facilities, amenities, and utilities with AAAU to create a conducive environment for academic and operational activities.

The Registrar of AAAU, Mustapha Sheikh Abdullahi, represented by Engr. Masud Aliyu Yerima, led a delegation to the event and delivered a profound speech. In his welcome speech, he extended congratulations to Capt. Badeh on his appointment as the DG/ CEO of the Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau -NSIB and expressed profound gratitude to NSIB for its unwavering support.

He highlighted the pivotal role NSIB has played in AAAU’s growth and development since its inception by allowing the university to use its facilities to takeoff bearings.

Furthermore, the Registrar announced AAAU’s significant milestones, including enrollment figures and progress towards acquiring a permanent site.

Expressing gratitude for NSIB’s altruism, the Registrar reiterated AAAU’s appreciation for NSIB’s unwavering support, recognizing it as instrumental in their journey.

The event concluded with the signing of the MoU and a comprehensive tour of AAAU’s facilities for NSIB delegates, showcasing the tangible impact of their collaboration on academic and operational excellence.