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Improvements in human development indices and the attainment of laudable goals such as the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs] are human capital intensive and require the availability of such a critical mass of competent persons in adequate numbers. Disparities in the availability of skilled human resources are primarily responsible for disparities in socio-economic development and the economic status of citizens of different countries in the developed and developing world.


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The African Aviation & Aerospace University (AAAU), Abuja is envisioned to be a citadel of excellence in the delivery of university education in Africa.

It is planned to make an immediate positive impact in the spectrum of Nigerian universities, regionally and globally. The University represents the overlaying efforts of the Federal Ministry of Aviation to make meaningful contributions to the development of aviation industry through university education. The goals of the AAAU in setting up the University are in agreement with the objectives of the National Policy on Education in seeking to guarantee access to education for all Nigerians and others, as well as to make sure that education addresses the needs of individuals, country and continent.

The importance of the quality, competence and calibre of the human capital of a continent in today’s highly competitive world makes the provision of functional and relevant education a critical success factor in any nation’s quest for socio-economic and technological development. In today’s knowledge society, the wealth of nations is no longer measured in terms of mineral resources but in terms of the quality and quantum of available human resources. The Knowledge Economy Index [KEI] is now a measure of the wealth and level of development of nations. Functional university education is thus a critical success factor in the production of a critical mass of human capital that will be the arrowhead and driver of the development process. 

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With the growth of Aviation, in Nigeria, West Africa and Africa
as a whole, the aviation industry will quadruple in the next 10
years, driven by SAATM and the AU Agenda 2063.


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AAAU Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our mission is to prepare future leaders of the aviation and related industries in Africa. We believe in our ‘Education for Impact’ mission, qualifying future leaders to make a difference, achieve economic growth for their communities and contribute to the transformation of Africa. Our quality education aims at disruptive innovations to master the rapid changes in Africa and the world. All our curricula intend to release an employable graduate, ready to conquer Africa and the aviation industry.

We aim to develop young leaders of the aviation industry in Africa, the fastest growing aviation continent, to create long lasting positive impact on societies and communities.
Aviation in Africa is transport and intercultural communication, transforming lives through relevant education for lifetime success.

  • Academic Excellence
  • Employability
  • Cultural Agility
  • Entrepreneurial Intelligence
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The African Aviation and Aerospace University (AAAU), is the first Pan African University of Aviation, Aerospace and Environmental Science established to fill the gap in research and development as well as man-power shortages in Africa’s Aviation industry. AAAU launches this fall with BSc Programs in Aviation Business, Meteorology and Environmental Science.

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The African Aviation & Aerospace University (AAAU), Abuja is envisioned to be a citadel of excellence in the delivery of university education in Africa.

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